ACT Essay Prep with Tom Clements -- Episode 01: The Prompt

However, when you break it down, an SAT and ACT essay is really nothing to be afraid of. The readers are not expecting you to be Shakespeare, they’re not expecting you to be the next great American novelist, and they’re not expecting perfect penmanship. All they want to see is that you’re able to choose a side on the issue they present you with, and write a clear, concise essay that fully supports the argument you’re making. ACT essay prep and SAT essay prep are possible and necessary, and if you do solid prep work, and little structured brainstorming before you start writing, you can write a fantastic essay in the 25 minutes provided. Here’s how:

and Writing Tips for the SAT and ACT: The Best SAT/ACT Essay Prep Book

This reason itself isn’t unheard of – after all, the concept of ethos and its two Greek companions was probably drilled into your head at some point in middle school or during ACT essay prep in high school. You need to know the basics before you can build a case for or against them. Here at Novelty Revisions, we’re all for advocating proper rhetoric both in speech and written forms. As defenders of correct grammatical usage, “training” begins with Grammar 101, which prepares us to go out into the virtual world and shoot down (er, correct) the false claims of proper English usage on the Internet.

ACT Essay Prep with Tom Clements -- Episode 03: The Essay

SAT and ACT Essay Prep: How to Write a Good Essay in 25 or 30 Minutes