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I love finishing school work early and reading amazing essays like this one till the period ends.

In an admissions essay, even if you’re sharing an amazing experience, your essay will fall flat if you convey the story in a bland or flawed manner. On the other hand, everyday experiences can make for an outstanding essay if you present them in an original way. I’ve read amazing essays on subjects such as napping, learning to drive a manual-transmission car, and terrible gardening skills. I’ve also read bore-you-to-tears essays that talked about skydiving and starting a multi-million-dollar business from scratch. The first group told stories about common events, but did so in remarkably eloquent and engaging ways. The second group talked about amazing experiences, but in a way that made it seem as though they were describing paint dry.

Here are some of the qualities of an amazing essay:

I find it’s best to illustrate by example, so here are the premises for two amazing essays:

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