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What were our great grandparents thinking about when they were moving to America? What were they dreaming of? Why were they leaving their native countries? Most of them were probably thinking about the great American dream – cloudless and prosperous life.

And now here you are – writing your American dream essays, trying to understand and interpret this “American dream” in your own words, from your own perspective. In other words, the American dream is something elusive and different for each new generation, and this is the idea you should start with while writing your American dream essays.

Organizing your American dream essay should not be a problem for you: you start with Introduction, moving on to the Main Body, summarizing your American dream essays with Conclusion. However, the problem is to fill the body of your American dream essay with the right information – arguments that support the thesis idea of your American dream essays.

Where can you find some useful examples for your American dream essays? Surely, you might visit the library, go through some relevant websites – but the best idea for writing your American dream essays is to combine literature materials with your own examples, your experience, and your vision of the American dream.

How can you know what the American dream means for each US citizen?! You are not supposed to know each person’s opinion, but you are expected to describe what this American dream means for you: what do you dream about? What do you hope for? What do you believe in? The answers to these questions should be the focus of your American dream essays. As for the conclusion of your American dream essays, you should try to find the connection between your own vision of the American dream and how other people understand it.

The last American dream essay advice for you – never stop dreaming – it makes our life so much more pleasant and enjoyable!

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• The interpretation: You can interpret this topic in many ways. The way you handle the topic will be as per your interpretation of it. But before interpreting it your way, you must check your guidelines to see if there are any hints on what exactly is to be written on that topic.
• The subject perspective: Check the subject perspective from which you wish to write on this topic. It is a mutli-faceted topic and can be dealt with from many angles. But your perspective or your take on the topic must suit the objective of the subject and the assignment.
• The clarity of presentation: Since an American dream essay can be focused on various aspects of the topic, you must be clear on which aspect you are writing on. Your readers will not be able to appreciate your essay without having a clear understanding of its objective.

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