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This practice based essay writing workshop looks at ways of employing specific writing strategies to develop your academic writing skills. The workshop also pays attention to the importance of analysing essay questions by way of using clues within the question to help plan and structure an essay response. By putting your skills into practice, this workshop will help you to implement strategies to transform critical thinking into critical writing.

It is very important that you are thorough in analysing the essay question

Students can book one-to-one consultations with a learning advisorto discuss their written assignments. Topics covered in consultations include analysing essay questions, essay and report structure, thesis structure, grammar and punctuation, and referencing. Consultations are held at the Academic Skills Centre, Level 3, Puaka-James Hight Library.

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Writing A Literary Analysis Essay Process Questions

The university requires you to submit typed (word processed) rather than handwritten assignments, so if your typing skills could do with some improvement, consider doing some (free) online typing tutorials. Just Google online typing tutorials for a range of options. Your life as a student will be much easier if you can touch type quickly and accurately. Click for information on analysing essay questions, writing literature reviews and reports, note-taking, organising your information, and lots more.