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I can think of a number of examples of past AP Exam essay questions where students' abilities to recognize irony in an excerpt set them apart from their peers and propelled them to higher scores (e.g., the Lady Mary Wortley Montagu excerpt in 1996 and the Lord Chesterfield excerpt in 2004). While the brand of irony in these authors' writings isn't quite the same as Thoreau's, it's a good strategy to offer one of these questions for discussion after studying Thoreau to see if the students can recognize irony in another text. Then you might have students write an in-class essay in response to another AP Exam question in which the writer of the excerpt employs irony. A unit on also enables teachers to include some of the past open questions on the exam for the purposes of teaching argumentative writing. The excerpt from Wendell Berry's (which was on one of the alternate exams), with its focus on the tendency of our culture to value progress and technological advancement rather than more spiritual concerns, is an excellent piece to have students consider and write about during or after a study of

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