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Formatting your essay appropriately according to the guidelines of the APA style essay is very important for you, and can guarantee you additional marks unlike someone who does not use this system. Lecturers usually specify the kind of writing style that they require you to use for your assignments, but for most of those who do not specify, they usually expect you to write by default using the APA style. The title page of your APA style essay writing has to be fully formatted, and it should include the title of your essay, your particulars and the relevant faculty. In an APA style essay writing, you have to make sure that the headers are shown on each and every page, including the page numbers. Another important aspect of APA style essay writing is that the whole paper has to be double spaced, and this includes the referencing pages and the title page.

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One of the biggest mistakes that students make is to assume that there is not enough space between the paragraphs, and then they add more. This is wrong, and can add up to the factors that will deny you full marks. Though involving, you should be very keen about your APA style essay writing. Finally, you should remember to reference your work according to the APA format.