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Argumentative essay topics: Celebrities 311) Celebrities should have the right for their private life. 312) Celebrities and media are to blame for the decline of moral in America. 313) Violent movies increase violence in teens. 314) Celebrity worship syndrome is normal for teens. 315) Celebrities should avoid promoting bad habits in their works. 316) Social media accounts can contribute to celebrity‟s reputation. 317) Every celebrity should donate money on charity. 318) Celebrity lifestyles, such as spending millions on clothes and jewelry, have negative effects on teens‟ ambitions. 319) Actors shouldn‟t be associated with their movie roles. 320) Audiences should know about the reverse side of celebrity lifestyles – hard work, nervous breakdowns and sacrifice of personal happiness.

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Argumentative essay topics: Social Networks 161) Most social networks use blue in their interface because it builds trust. 162) Social networks shouldn‟t share users‟ information with 3rd parties. 163) Social networks should be free from ads. 164) Profiles on professional networks are a must for college graduates. 165) Sharing too much information on Facebook is dangerous. 166) Cyberbullying is the consequence of poor privacy settings. 167) Social networks make us a better connected society. 168) Twitter can be an effective tool of political propaganda. 169) People who are attracted online will be attracted in real life too. 170) Moderate Facebook breaks can improve students‟ performance.