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If you are writing on smoking, you will be able to find many articles and different publication on the issue. However, you should be careful with this wealth of resources as only reliable articles from peer-reviewed journals deserve your attention. If you are writing on smoking, you are in a difficult situation because there are not so many resources about the benefits of smoking for example. In this case, your argumentative essay should be based on the assumption that adults have freedom to decide whether to smoke or not. Smoking cannot be and will not be forbidden, therefore, the harm of smoking is much over-estimated. This argument should be further expanded in your argumentative essay on smoking. The following sample of argumentative essay on smoking may help you with writing your own essay. This sample is written by our professional essay writers to give some useful ideas on how to open an essay, develop arguments, and organize materials. If you want to get a custom written argumentative essay on smoking, you should try our : we deliver original, 100% plagiarism-free essays written from scratch!

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