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To write an argumentative essay successfully, you need to select an appropriate topic. It is better to choose a history topic in which you have more interest and more knowledge. Doing like this can be helpful to add your idea and research more on the topic. I will suggest argumentative history essay topics, if you can write a good essay in it you can go ahead with the topic. What about writing the history essay on Chernobyl? Choose the essay topic if you can write a good essay in it... Good luck...

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Suggesting a history essay topic would be much easy but suggesting argumentative history essay topics will have some difficulty. So let me add some tips to write an argumentative essays.

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‘Is there any good side to world wars?’ can definitely be a good essay topic. As you said it has got everything to have a place in the Argumentative history essay topics. If you have good sources on this then don’t go for any other topic simply makes a move with this. Since someone had a debate on this topic there must have strong source for this. People are basically depending internet for any kind of academic works, so you will definitely get points for your paper.