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It is necessary to start a biological warfare essay giving a background of the development of such weapons; one should research into the history where there has been mention of usage of these weapons of mass destruction in the in Hittite transcript of 1500 BC, the First Sacred War and as well as in the legendary epic of the Trojan War. Writes should illustrate the usage of biological weapons in the bygone era. These historical usage of biological weaponry, help readers in understanding the evolution of these weapons and also contribute to making the essay intriguing.



Biological essay (or “bioassay”), in its classical form, is concerned with the measurement of the concentration of an active ingredient in a test preparation, by estimation of its potency relative to that of a standard preparation. Assays, usually by animal experimentation, form an essential tool of biological standardization. Standard designs and methods of analysis are described here, including stochastic approximation, radioimmunoassays, semiparametric and nonparametric methods, and bioequivalence studies. In a broader sense, Bioassay refers to experiments, with biological units, to detect possible dose–response (or toxicity‐adverse effect) relationships. Underlying toxicodynamics (and/or pharmacodynamics) and toxicokinetics (and/or pharmacokinetics), possibly in conjunction with toxicogenomics (and/or pharmacogenomics) may render such studies statistically quite different from conventional biometric studies. Some relevant approaches are considered here.