BIOLOGY SPM ESSAY QUESTION COLLECTIONS ˗ Helps in movement of the organism ˗ Site for production of blood cells ˗ Storage for phosphate and calcium (b) Explain why:  An athlete must do a warming up before the event  Elderly people experiences pain at their joint.

BIOLOGY SPM ESSAY QUESTION COLLECTIONS (b) Diagram 1.2 shows a food pyramid.

Your Biology essay will end with a conclusion. You can end your essay with words that restate your thesis statement. At this point, you may also realize that your thesis statement needs fine-tuning. You could modify your Biology essay thesis statement along with concluding your arguments. This last step is commonly done, and helps to tie up anything you may have not thought about earlier.


BIOLOGY SPM ESSAY QUESTION COLLECTIONS Kedah 2011 2 Diagram 2.1 shows a food pyramid.

Please note that the two modes of classification may overlap. In the case of biological essays you can have historical biology essays dealing with the history of living organisms, process and procedure essays enumerating the specific steps in a biological episode, ethical essays that examine the moral nature of some biological event.

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