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The LEX BarRev Skills Course is a three-day course that provides intensive preparation for effective bar exam writing and test-taking. Students learn mastery of proper ILFAC™ writing structure for California bar exam essays so that they can dependably deliver authoritative bar exam essays within the appropriate time constraints. Students will also learn the keys to properly analyzing MBE stimuli, question stems, and answer choices.

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Simply writing practice essay after practice essay without critical evaluation and feedback, however, rarely generates sufficient progress in an individual's overall essay quality and performance. We liken this method of California Bar Exam essay and/or performance test practice to someone with a bad golf swing. If your golf swing is deficient, then simply repeating that same bad swing over and over, without outside evaluation and assistance, does not generally create any improvement. Typically, it only reinforces bad habits and techniques. The same can be said of California Bar Exam essay and performance test writing.

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