So, we may deduce a formula of cause and effect essay structure: Introduction, Body and Conclusion. An introduction should introduce the topic of the essay, presenting of the main point for an argument and background information for a topic. While writing the body of your you should include a logical progression of arguments, guarantee that the structure remains complete, and show the thought process. In the final paragraph of your essay you have to restate key points and briefly review logical process.

Let's take a closer look at this type of essay: Suppose you investigate something that causes a particular result or results. You now have to write about it in a logical and coherent manner. You want your reading audience to understand fully all aspects of the situation. A cause and effect essay is self-organizing if you follow the chain of events of what you are studying.

10 Topic Suggestions for Cause and Effect Essays

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Cause and effect essays are often assigned in a Composition class. The causeand effect essay explains why something happened. This type of essay focuseson the relationships between events with the consequences that happened. Thetone of this type of essay should be more serious and the presentation shouldbe factual and believable. Sources should state facts and evidence supportingthe thesis. The essay should present an event, phenomenon, or trend. The degreeof explanation of the topic depends on the audience background. The writingshould be modulated, reasonable and professional. The thesis should focus onthe importance, relevance, or value of the consequences of the event. The causemust lead to the effect. The introduction of a cause and effect essay shouldexplain what the significance of the cause and effect relationship. The conclusionshould show the reason for the cause and effect essay supporting the thesis.