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Chemistry essay prompts may be based on these questions: 1) is the topic of the essay suitable for this writing? 2) What arguments will you apply to enclose the question under consideration? 3) What sources will be helpful for this writing? 4) How is it better to conduct the experiment necessary for the paper? 5) Is the topic of the essay unknown for you? 6) What are the instructor’s requirements?

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One common problem that students face regarding chemistry essay is the selection of a topic. Students get confused to decide a good topic as chemistry is a vast field and there are loads of topics that can be chosen. An ideal way to choose a good topic is to enumerate your knowledge regarding the topic. If you have command on a topic; then you should waste no time to select the topic and start writing about the topic.

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Chemistry essay ideas are usually suggested by the instructor. But sometimes students are required to find ideas for the essay themselves. In this case, do not use general ideas and something that has been already discussed thousand times. Better use your own imagination and combine it with your knowledge. Choose the idea that is debatable and may have several interpretations. Do not be afraid of experimenting and suggesting something entirely new.