2012 Chinese Essay Contest Results 第四届作文比赛揭晓

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2012 Chinese Essay Contest Results 第四届作文比赛揭晓

In order to enhance the writing skills of Chinese language students, the Chinese program at UNC-CH organizes the Chinese Short Essay Writing Contest every Fall semester. Students from different levels may attend this activity. They will be assigned different topics to write a 200-600 character essay within one hour. Entries in the contest are judged by Chinese language instructors from the Chinese program on: organization, Chinese grammar and vocabulary, writing of Chinese characters, and originality. Winners are chosen from each level and awarded certificates and prizes, while all participants get small souvenirs. Some excellent pieces may be recommended for publication in local Chinese newspapers or Chinese-language magazines.

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In that year, Hannah also became an avid fan of the Beijing Olympics and won an award in a global Chinese essay contest to celebrate the event.

According to their teacher Hua Zhang, six of MVS students have been recognized by Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) for their entries in the 6th National CLASS Essay Contest, a competitive Chinese writing contest for students in grades 5-12. Juniors Emily Badgley and Jonathan Nguyen won Silver Awards for second place; freshmen Alex Lachey and Robbie Weinstein achieved Honorable Mention; and 8th graders Ishan Paranjpe and Manish Paranjpe received Participation Award. While Rachel Gorsky and Kimberly Lee participated in the National Speech Contest in the previous year, this is the first time MVS students have entered the National Chinese Essay Contest. With guidance from Ms. Zhang, Alex Lachey has been recently selected to participate in the final Chinese Bridge Competition for high school students. For more information, contact .