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Commonwealth games News : Student Ranyia Hussein from college of Arts and sciences Lahore wins Commonwealth Essay writing Competition 2014, news update dated 12 2014 Friday. Rania Hussain makes Proud to win this competition. Raniya Hussain is only fifteen years old from Lahore make this history. All teachers’ association congratulations for Raniya Husain for this history, 3500 senior entries from commonwealth games select her for winner of Essay Writing Competition.

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These are common people who can work miracles and make children’s dreams true. Many young writers dream of presenting their works to a wide range of readers. Commonwealth essay writing competition provides them with this opportunity. The first competition was held more than one hundred years ago. Since then thousands of young people developed their talents participating in Commonwealth essay writing competition.

It is amazing that children from different corners of the globe can try their hands at writing short stories. Commonwealth essay writing competition is sponsored by an intergovernmental organization. The winners and their relatives can be proud of their success, as there is always severe competition at this contest. Winning an award of Commonwealth essay writing competition is a significant achievement for a young writer.

Useful hints for participants of the Commonwealth essay writing competition
Get ready for the event beforehand. Commonwealth essay writing competition is an annual contest. If you feel that your work is not ready for it this year, it is better to wait till the next competition.

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Winners of 2014 RCS Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition announced