"Descriptive essay about a painting"

This is a very special assignment. A love descriptive essay focuses on a thing (if love can be called a thing) which is very difficult to describe with words. People write poems and compose music masterpieces to express their feelings. So, writing of a descriptive essay can be a difficult task especially if you have never experienced such a feeling. You can use somebody else’s ideas for inspiration or describe some moments of your love. Try to give your own definition of love. Well, it can turn out somewhat lame, but it will be sincere and individual. Creativity is valued above all in such essay types.

Here are some guidelines for writing a descriptive essay.

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"Free English Descriptive Essay Template"


If you are a college or high school student you might be asked to write a descriptive essay about event celebration. This may be your graduation party, meeting with classmates, your sister’s wedding or your best friend’s fancy B-day party. As a rule you are free to choose any topic you like. The key task here is to share the atmosphere of the event and find the right words to describe it. Readers should feel as if they have been to this part as well.