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Utopia, the imaginary place where problems don’t exist and people live in peace and happiness forever. We all have our version of this place, some more extravagant than others, each with their own unique dreams and ambitions. Writing a descriptive essay on this topic can take one to places no one would have ever imagined them capable of and should no doubt prove an interesting exercise for a class to engage in together. Because of the idealistic nature of this topic, you may soon realize that your version and that of someone else cannot easily exist together so some collaborative effort may be in order. Here are some points to follow that will help you create an excellent descriptive essay about Utopia:

When you want to write a good descriptive essay about a person you should follow the steps below:

A descriptive essay conveys to the reader important characteristics needed to understand thoroughly whatever is being described. It does so by going beyond the general to the specific. With an essay of this type, you give your reader a well-rounded view of your subject. For example, you may wish to write a descriptive essay about your favourite beach. Your job, as a writer, is to explain to the reader essential information so they feel they are walking the sand themselves.


2011 Write a descriptive essay about twenty-four hours in the life of a town or city.

Students are very often asked to write a descriptive essay about mother. In this essay type you have to use the kindest and warmest words to describe your mother’s character and what nice things she did to you. Your mother gave you life and took care of you during your first years of life (and she is still taking a great care). Use your heart to write such an essay.