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To compile an outline, one should begin by just adding relevant data without bothering too much about the order of content. For example, while writing a descriptive essay about a place, students might collect large amounts of informative content about it. The order would not matter as it can be always organized at a later date. Also, the amount of content is not important at this stage, as it can be edited later. The descriptive essay outline is quite flexible in that it allows students to reduce content and organize it in a flexible manner as required. While researching though, students should have a general idea of what type of content they would like to include in .

Writing a descriptive essay outline is a useful way of compiling an essay

While students should use descriptive essay outline as a memorizing exercise, they should select its wordings, comprehensively, to inform the readers about certain concept. However, the organization of the outline would depend upon the type of the essay and its chosen topic. Therefore, it should be written according to the purpose of the main essay, while highlighting the points that logically support its aim.

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If you go through two descriptive essay outlines on the same topic, you would see that both are different even though the topic is the same. That is because your description would consist of what you see and no two persons share the same view point. An interesting descriptive paper would be that which describes the topic through a fresh perspective. The topic you are describing might be familiar to the audience also. So, the only way you can make it interesting is by including fresh and interesting facts about the topic in your paper. In other words, you have to observe the topic closely enough to see what others don’t see.