Students can choose among different essay topics

Each college or university may require different essay topics (Also known as college essay prompts.) For example, the current (Common App) college application essay prompts (topics) are as follows:Note: Candidates choose one topic and respond in 250 words minimum and 650 words maximum.

To help you determine a subject, here are 50 different essay topics for you to consider.

When admission officers look over the essay, the first thing they look for is the ability to write well. The essay must flow smoothly and have logical arguments. Additionally, the admissions office wants to learn more about the personality and goals of the applicant. Each school may ask for different essay topics, but one of the most common topics is for students to explain why they are applying.

40 Different Essay Topics on Religion

There are different essay topics for Nursing students and Honors students. Please refer to the special  and  instructions below

There are different essay topics that suit different interests and study levels. If you have the option to choose a topic, selecting an idea that you have an interest in or experience with may help the writing process go smoother. While it is common for essays of this nature to be written, it may be helpful to research college expository essay topics that are commonly written by undergrads to get an idea of what your peers are writing about. Common topic ideas include: