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If you are assigned to write an essay on disaster, one of the most reliable sources that you can use is National Geographic. This article can also be a good source of help with writing natural disasters essays.

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You know, it seems to be the right time to start writing an essay on natural disasters. If you keep track of the recent news, you know that natural disasters are raging almost all over the world. Places that are usually associated with summer and hot are suffering from low temperatures. Other places that have moderate climate are dying because of extreme heat.

So, what is going on? You have a chance to sort everything out when writing your natural disaster essay if you take time and choose some creative approach to completing the task.

Certainly, if you are short of time and do not plan to invest much efforts into the completion of your natural disaster essay, you may go rather a simple way. Look through free essays on natural disasters and check out what other students tend to discuss. We are almost 100% sure that you will not find anything incredible, and the most “interesting” essays on natural disasters will be devoted to the following:

Natural Disaster Essays: Any Ideas

Natural Disaster Essays and the Search for Ideas

Definitely, nobody wants to think about negative events, some hazards, and disasters. Thousands of Haitians did not think about that as well. Yet, disasters, especially natural, happen. What is more, they happen unexpectedly, and you can never be 100% ready for them.

You are assigned to prepare a disaster management essay, and there is a chance to make an outstanding paper. As you know, a good essay should be supported with relevant examples. There is a vivid, tragic, but real-life example that you can use in your essay on disaster management. We are talking about the recent earthquake in Haiti.

So, using this example, you should explain how disaster management works and evaluate its effectiveness. The following points can be covered in disaster management papers.

Point 1

It is a good idea to start your essay on disaster management by introducing some general facts. Disaster or emergency management originates from the Cold War era. In the United States, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is responsible for disaster management. By the way, you can find a lot of useful information for your essay on disaster management on their official website – www. fema. gov/index. shtm.

Point 2

All disasters are different. There are natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. as well as disasters of unnatural origins like terrorism.

Disaster management includes four basic steps that you should talk about in your disaster management essay. They are as follows: