Catchy Title for Domestic violence essay?? HELP PLEASE? :)?

I have to submit an essay for scholarship. I need to write five to six pages. I choose domestic violence as a topic. Even though it is pretty broad topic, i can easily expand it .I want to give a good introduction to my essay. I don’t know how many sentences should be in my introduction paragraph. Does the introduction of essay have to be long? I am a little bit confused. Can anyone please give me some fresh introduction domestic violence essay? Please help me.

Hope the above introduction domestic violence essay helped you. Good luck

Although the essay is very thorough in telling the truth, it mentions nothing at all about many forms of domestic violence, such as that against children, violence between siblings, violence by children against parents, or violence against the elderly. Therefore a better title for the essay would be, "Telling the Truth about Partner Violence", because that is the only type of domestic violence the essay tells about. However, the essay is immensely valuable for debunking feminist claims about "domestic violence".


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