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The Dredge Essayons is the latest dredge to be built for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Delivered to the Portland District in 1983, the Essayons helps to maintain the entrance bars and harbors on the coasts of California, Oregon, Hawaii and Alaska. Because of its size and dredging depth, the Essayons is automated for operation with an unattended engine room and semiautomatic dragarm handling system. Sophisticated instrumentation allows constant production monitoring and enables the dredge crew to maintain maximum dredging efficiency 24 hours a day. The Essayons is also equipped for direct pumpout. Two crews of 23 each are assigned to the vessel. They work alternately, one week on and one week off.

Army Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredge Essayons was delivered to the Portland District in 1983

The Corps owned and operated hopper dredge Essayons removed most of the 2.8 million cubic yards. Manson Construction Company was performing maintenance dredging at the Port of Anchorage and did some dredging on the project when it was available.

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The Bayport, a 303-foot hopper dredge under contract by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Co. began dredging operations in Humboldt harbor Sunday, substituting for the Corps own hopper dredge Essayons, which is in dry dock for repairs.

Portland District's dredge Essayons and its crew spent part of their summer in Alaska, dredging in the Cook Inlet navigation channel about six miles from Anchorage. The federal navigation channel was constructed in 2000 and is essential to ship traffic entering and leaving the Port of Anchorage.
The Essayons is one of only two Corps-owned dredges on the West coast. The ship was built in 1983 and designed to dredge anywhere in the world. Its work typically takes it from Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest to Alaska.The Redlinger is based in Portland, Ore., and provides hydrosurvey data for areas along the Columbia and lower Willamette rivers. She is part of a new generation of survey boats, with a hydrofoil-assisted catamaran design that provides a stable platform to monitor channel and harbor conditions and provide high quality, precise surveys of areas in need of dredging. The vessel is designed for exceptional maneuverability. Her hulls are coated with a paint that makes it impossible for sea-life to adhere. The Redlinger’s diesel engines fewer harmful emissions, and her fuel tanks stand alone inside the hulls, providing an additional layer of protection in the event of a fuel spill.A legacy of excellence
Survey vessel Redlinger is named for Jake Redlinger, a Corps leader who was well respected for his expertise and ability to get things done.Jake Redlinger was an active proponent of dredging and dredging issues. He began working for Portland District in 1966 after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University. In 1989, Jake went to Alaska with the dredge Essayons to take part in clean-up efforts following a devastating oil spill in Prince William Sound. He was a member of the Society of American Military Engineers, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Professional Engineers of Oregon.Jake was the navigation manager at the Northwestern Division before he passed away on Dec. 1, 1997.