Tips for Entering Essay Contests and Other Writing Contests

My current plan is to ramp up my pro-contest propaganda. During all these years of nagging students to enter essay contests, it never occured to me that I might get a cut of the prize money. Thanks for listening, Ed!

FIND or start a campus club near youENTER essay contests on Ayn Rand’s novels

1. You can start saving money for college now—even as early as your high school sophomore year. It’s never too early to or applying for college scholarships. As a high school sophomore, you can enter essay contests, get a part-time job, sell some of your old electronics or other items you no longer need, use the library (instead of paying for Netflix or RedBox) to “rent” movies and more.

Enter an essay contest to win a B&B in Maine

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Using those same publications can be a great source of ideas for writing. Students can write essays in support or opposition to editorials or letters to the editor. Perhaps, they might be inspired to enter essay contests. Often the prize can be most worthwhile. They can use newspapers and magazines as sources of background information for their own essay about a particular topic. They can write articles about topics of importance to the school and submit them to the school paper or perhaps be included in your newsletter to parents. Providing background information for the writer is essential.

Elizabeth was born in Salisbury, North Carolina, on July 29, 1936 to a wealthy wholesale florist. Unlike Bob Dole, Elizabeth (self-nicknamed "Liddy" at the age of two) had a comfortable childhood, complete with a summer house and ballet lessons. She learned self improvement as a "measure of personal growth" and "a way to satisfy my goal-orientated parents," who encouraged her to enter essay contests or practice the piano. She also described herself as the "ringleader of neighborhood children" and a "precocious organizer."Many programs exist for students that want to enter essay contests and many others which focus very specifically on a young person’s interest in community service. These programs will test the dedication and interest in various topics for students and encourage them to begin looking for financial assistance for college at an early stage. It will be important for students to prepare for many of these programs early so they will have the most time to prepare for them, and this is especially true for those high school scholarships which test an individual’s general knowledge. While none of these programs can necessarily predict whether or not a high school sophomore will enter a specific field or career, they are in many cases useful for having students consider what they may or may not be interested in.