Essay about fashion in Shanghai in 1930s and 40s

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Essay about fashion in Shanghai in 1930s and 40s. | See more about Shanghai, 1930s and Fashion.

Fashion Essay are written by authors, teachers, students from various parts of the fashion world. Fashion Essay provides you with an insight into fashion. However, what is a Fashion Essay all about. Fashion Essay talks about the advent of fashion and its development over the years. Fashion Essay speaks about what fashion is really about.

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In November of 2005, Julie conducted the first fashion blog “carousel.” The topic was “Black Friday Blogging” and the idea was to write an anti-consumerist essay about fashion and link to other participating blogs. The fashion-blog community was formed while doing something that the mainstream media couldn’t: write unhindered by the economic pressures of the fashion industry. The interlinking between each blog created a traffic spike for the participants – for the first time, we felt like we had an audience.