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When writing essays it is important for a student to break down the whole writing process into stages. Among the critical stages include the creation of the outline and writing of the first draft. The outline helps the student to structure and plan how the essay would look like. After creation of the outline, the student should start writing the draft essay. The following are basic guidelines that the student can use to create a good essay draft.


The essay drafting process is an exercise all students must grasp in order to write compelling essays on any topic. It does take a while to get used to the process. Once you are used to it though, every essay would go through a common process that would result in a well-written essay. The compilation does not take time, but time spent on research would depend on the topic and your knowledge of it. The draft is a rough representation of the essay, so changes can be made as and when required. Preparing the draft requires some knowledge. You need to follow steps that work in providing information, knowledge, and a sense of interest among readers.

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The most important aspect of the process of essay drafting is to understand the topic. There would be instances when you may not have choice in selecting a topic. The process of writing the draft would not change. Read as much as time would allow about the topic you have to write on. Once you have a very good idea about it, sit down for a brainstorming session and think of ideas which could evolve into a sub topic you can elaborate on. The sub topic could be your comfort zone, an area you feel confident of writing about.