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I had written a piece for you on how to get an essay extension. But I scrapped that. Wangling an extension doesn’t help you long-term. You need to tackle the problem before it arises, by knowing how to always meet deadlines.

to come along to English Student Support to discuss an essay extension

This includes a cognitive behavioural therapy councillor and online courses for students. But despite Dr Lusk’s reassurances, Mr Smith had concerns about the quality of care that Student Services provides. After he contacted them asking for help with his essay extension, he found them slow to reply and on one occasion they did not reply to his email at all.

I had written a piece for you on how to get an essay extension

Essay Extension Request - University of St Andrews

Criticism has also been levelled at the University’s practices regarding essay extensions and the bureaucracy of the student support system, with some saying it adds to the stress of dealing with mental illness. Others have complained about the quality of the help they received.