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The editors' assumption is shared by the essayists: fourpracticing Buddhists (José Ignacio Cabezón, Rita M. Gross, BokinKim, and Soho Michida) writing about Jesus, and four Christian"scholar-practitioners" (Elizabeth J. Harris, Terry C. Muck, DonaldK. Swearer, and Bonnie Thurston) writing about the Buddha. Twoprominent veterans of the Jesus Seminar (Marcus J. Borg and JohnDominic Crossan) were asked to respond to the four Buddhist essaysabout Jesus, while two Buddhist scholars (Grace G. Burford andTaitetsu Unno) were asked to respond to the four Christian essaysabout the Buddha. In the Continuum publication, Muck concludes thedialogue with a critical discussion of three recent books writtenabout Jesus by three Buddhists (the Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hahn,and Kenneth S. Leong).

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