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Sure, nobody wants to get older, see wrinkles on his/her face, and feel weakness in the muscles. However, like with many other things on this planet, the process of aging is a normal stage of person’s physical development. Even if you can cheat people with the help of plastic surgery or some creams that do miracles, you cannot cheat nature.

Before writing this article, we have carried out a kind of experimentation and asked several students what they would write in an essay on aging. Almost all answers were similar, and essays on aging of many students would be rather sad and pessimistic.

The thing is that many students tend to consider only negative aspects of older age in their essays on aging. The following are common topics covered in essays on aging:

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Before you get down to writing your essay on aging, talk to your grandparents. Find out whether they are happy in their 60s or 70s. It will be a good basis for your essay on aging.

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While the problems of elderly people are really acute and writing is not a bad idea, we suggest you write a more positive essay on aging. After all, every period in a person’s life can be amazing and full of interesting events. Everything depends on the way people accept this or that period.

So, with the help of your essay on aging, you can dispel some myths about the life of elderly people and create a positive image of aging. The following can be included into positive essays on aging: