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In addition to curating, she has written about a number of artists -- five of her texts can be read in the -- and her essay on artist Valerie Piraino appears in the ’s exhibition catalog.

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Art has always been a significant part of any culture and society. Prominent artist are people who make a contribution not only to the world’s cultural heritage, but also make a certain country famous and even a bit special.

I think that writing an essay on artists will be interesting for every student. Even if you are not into arts, the correct approach towards completing your artist essay will not make this work boring. If you know nothing about famous artists and their works, your essay on artists can be devoted to some modern forms of art. For instance, you can tell about tattoo or graffiti artists.

Still, this article will be helpful for everybody, since we are going to talk about the main secrets of writing artist essays.

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The attention generated by my first essay on artist entrepreneurship made me elated and depressed simultaneously. It was obviously hitting a nerve of many in the live arts whose training gave them no foundation for how to actually make a living. Although many college and university faculty members came forward in the comment section to demonstrate that there are, in fact, programs that prepare students for the marketplace, there is still a disconnect for most artists between their creative practice and the pragmatic skill set necessary to make a go of it in the real world. (Read more from .)