Free Essay on Culture and Individual Beliefs

Cultures around the world today are more similar than they used to be.

What are the reasons?

Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

In today’s society, people find that culture in everywhere becomes standardisation. There are several reasons that cause this happen, and there are both advantage and disadvantage in relation to this trend.

Media is thought to be the main reason that affects culture. Nowadays, most Asian countries can easily access to western culture through media platforms. For example, people are more likely to enjoy watching Hollywood movies rather than movies produced from their own countries. Additionally, tourism and migration are another factor that can have impacts on people’s beliefs. Those who have studied or travelled around the world could adapt to different lifestyle from other countries. For instance, people become independent in many ways including living alone and not relying on their families, because they have used to the western lifestyle when they went abroad.

However, it may cause people’s concern that exposure to western culture from media could hinder the use of language of a country. If audiences are constantly watching foreign movies, especially with the language of English, their native language may be abandoned as they speak and read in English predominately. Nevertheless, I believe that it is a positive trend that people could adapt to the other’s culture. For example, Asian food such as sushi is widely accepted in many western countries, and they are not only love the food but also enjoying using chop sticks. Therefore, food becomes a bridge that is connected between western and eastern, allowing people to have fun by sharing the other’s culture.

In conclusion, various reasons can cause culture become more similar, and I believe that the benefit of this development outweigh its drawback.

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