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How should the Holocaust be remembered and commemorated? What are the purposes and goals of Holocaust remembrance and commemoration? What are the most likely ways of reaching them? These and related questions arise with every endeavor to represent the Holocaust, endeavors fraught with multiple moral, epistemological, and aesthetic quandaries. In an essay on Holocaust memorials in Germany, for example, James E. Young considers the possibility that they may subvert their stated purpose: "For once we assign monumental form to memory, we have to some degree divested ourselves of the obligation to remember. In shouldering the memory-work, monuments may relieve viewers of their memory-burden" (273). W. G. Sebald's work, especially several of the long prose texts of his last decade, grapples with these questions while paying particular attention to the pitfalls faced by non-Jewish German writers. His response to a question by Maya Jaggi regarding his "very oblique and tentative [...] approach to the Holocaust" clarifies his concerns:

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