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Then, like springs bubbling up from dry ground, little groups of intentional words appeared in the middle of my journal entries, and I started writing: first essays about dance, then stories. I continued writing while teaching dance and producing concerts until I’d developed a daily writing practice of several hours.

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Students present to the class and write essays about dance-related things that come up in both the popular and scholarly press. Through reading, viewing, and discussion, you should begin to find a voice in an art form where the body speaks more often than not. It prepares you to do dance criticism or talk back to critics, make an argument for the importance of dance as a major study, analyze MTV, or write a letter to the editor, your senator, or your parents about how dance connects crucially with the rest of the world.

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Each Dance Day, there is a specific theme to commemorate a certain area of the art of dancing. For example, in 2005, the theme was Primary Education. Schools were encouraged to raise awareness about dancing, including the health benefits of this fun type of exercise. Children in schools participated in writing essays about dance, held writing and art contests, danced in the streets, and danced throughout the school day. Some schools even put on a talent show to showcase the dancers within the school (teachers included!) In 2006, the theme was Dancers of the World: Unite! This message called for the many dancers of the world to join together and be members of dance organizations to increase recognition and legislative funding for dance programs. In 2007, International Dance Day was dedicated to the youth of the dance-world. In 2010, people of Toronto (300 of them) made a YouTube dance video that has received over 160,000 hits.