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Last fall, the Lemoine formed a new group called Adoptees Vivant En Coree (AVEC) to address the language divide that exists between American and European adoptees. The group plans to translate articles and essays on adoption for the approximately 14,000 Francophone adoptees currently living in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec.

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Sure, adoption can be viewed not only as a controversial issue if you do not feel like writing your essay on adoption from this perspective. However, in this case, there are not too many ways you can go.

One of the best options would be telling a kind of story in your essay on adoption. For instance, it can be a story told by an adopted child or a family that adopted someone.

By the way, if you search for a while, you can find a huge number of real-life stories that can be used as the basis of your adoption essay. According to statistics, every 7 in 10 Americans is somehow related to adoption (either is adopted, or is a birth parent who gave up a child, or is a member of an adoptive family).

Yet, most probably, your teacher is waiting for a persuasive or an on adoption, where you will touch upon some sort of controversy.

What are the main burning issues related to adoption? Sure, adoption by gay families is one of the main topic ideas for papers on adoption. While the great majority of people believe that it is unconstitutional not to allow gay people adopt children, this practice is still illegal in many places.

Do not hesitate to introduce your position on the problem in the essay on adoption. Come up with as many reasons as you can and present arguments that will support your standpoint.

Yet, we should say that adoption by gay families is a too frequently discussed topic, which can make your essay on adoption not that interesting and original as you want it to be.

Therefore, try to consider some other controversies in your essay on adoption like:

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"In this excellent collection of essays on adoption, Toby Volkman has brought together perspectives . . . from the pens of eight gifted authors. . . .[E]ach of the writers provide excellent reference lists that will encourage readers to further explore the growing literature on adoption." — Phillip Capper,