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After the war, Hitler discovered a talent that he did not know he had. He realized that when he spoke the audience was drawn in and mesmerized by what he said. Once released from Pasewalk, Hitler moved back to Munich and started giving lectures on political aspects and immediately saw that he could speak well and that people listened to him. Some time in September 1919, Hitler joined the German Workers’ Party, known as the DAP, where he quickly became the most famous speaker of the party. When Hitler first joined the DAP he was nameless, however, he shortly gained popularity and later became a kind of celebrity. In the middle of 1921, Hitler took over the party’s chairmanship, which at this time became the NSDAP, also known as the Nazi party. This power that Hitler increasingly gained was an important power that would help him gain the popularity he needed to become dictator. When Hitler spoke, he hit a chord with people. Most Germans at this time were angry and upset with the state of their country, and Hitler spoke passionately about the problems Germany faced and gave hope and pride to the people of Germany. Germany was in an economic depression and Hitler somehow gave the German people hope. His speaking ability may not have formed Hitler’s personality, but it formed how people looked at him. People saw him, through his speeches, as the solution to their problems. He spoke about things that people could relate to and he proved to have only one aim in mind, which was “the welfare of the country” (Kershaw 159). Through his acceptance as a speaker, Hitler regained his confidence and also his purpose in life. He was looked upon by the people of Germany as a leader and also as someone who could rebuild their country.

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