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Gates has edited a collection of essays on racism for the journal (Autumn 1985) which includes aconceptually tepid, though historically fascinating, essay by SanderGilman entitled "Black Bodies, White Bodies: Toward an Iconographyof Female Sexuality in Late Nineteenth-Century Art, Medicine, andLiterature." Among other things, to put it a bit too simply andcrudely, this essay shows how good Victorian gentlemen came up withintellectually respectable reasons for examining and making detaileddrawings of the genitals of black, but not white, women. Thesegentlemen were undertaking scientific research into the anatomy ofexotic races and were thus precursors to those editors who placedpictures of bare-breasted native women in and to all of us adolescents who searched out thosepictures. Gilman's article thus shows us such a very good example ofthe projective psychology of racism as it operated in certain 19thcentury circles that you would have to give yourself a lobotomy tocomfortably ignore the ugly psychology thus implied.

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Essay on racism

Racism is undoubtedly a problem existing for centuries; therefore, the students are usually asked by their supervisors to write an essay on racism to analyze their critical skills. There are various forms of racism going on between ethnic groups leading to open, violent and secret conflicts between groups; hence racism essays test the mindset of a student.