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For the reason that evaluation essay is basically aimed at analyzing any topic, article or book, a great number of students confuse this type of paper with a review. Unlike the latter, good examples of evaluation essays should give readers both personal and detailed assessment as for the topic that is being evaluated.

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This type of essay discusses both the positive and negative aspects or the topic or object before reaching on a final conclusion. A good example of evaluation essay mentions statistics and helps the reader to get a clear image of the writer mental stand point. You can do a little bit of online research to go through some example of evaluation essay. The key to writing a good essay is to sustain the evidence to back you views and statement. It is almost similar to an argumentative essay where you have to discuss both the positive and negative aspect and finally come to your own conclusion. The essay should be precise and detailed with evidence and statistics which reflects a detailed research on the topic.

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Evaluation essay writing is a process of reaching a personal judgement after analysing the facts regarding the topic or object concerned. In this type of essay the writer examines the facts and aspects of the topic and writes down his or her own opinion after reaching a personal judgement. Example of evaluation essay can include anything from childhood evaluation to any movie analysis.