* Explaining Relationships Essay Part II: Rough Draft

Due to the fact that the number of written tasks is great, and the people are free to choose the topic themselves, the process of writing an explaining essay became easier for students and the people should remember that in this type of essay it is not only necessary to state facts, but also with the help of examples to provide the argumentation of such information.

* Explaining Relationships Essay Part III: Final Draft

We read explaining essays all the time in newspapers, textbooks, magazines, Wikipedia and any other online information source. Most of what we know comes from having something explained to us by other people.

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Explaining Relationships Essay Part I: Thesis & Outline (Due Day 3 of Module 1)

As with every type of essay it's important that you understand the characteristics before you start your research and writing. An illustrative essay is one which explains and defines a particular topic. It's as if the person reading the essay knows little or nothing about the topic and you come along with your brilliant piece of writing and educate them. Another name for an illustrative essay is an expository essay and sometimes even an explaining essay.

As for the explaining essay, in this case the person should be properly acknowledge with such type of writing and be sure that the topics of explaining essays will be understood correctly by the readers.In order to write an Explaining essay, you will need to think about the different parts of the topic, or the different aspects of it. By taking the topic apart and describing the different parts, it helps us to understand the whole more completely.When the person is given the task to write an explaining essay, the main role is attached here to the choice of the topic, as this is the main thing to consider while writing the present paper. When the person is free to choose the topic themselves then it is easier to choose the topic which is of great interest for the person and also for the readers.Explaining essays are what we read all the time in newspapers, textbooks, and magazines. They give information about a subject and teach the reader. The five main types of explaining essays are listed in the table below, along with main features of how to write them. I have listed at least twenty-five topic ideas for each type of essay, which should help you choose an idea that appeals to you. Once you have your topic idea, see my instructions on .