Some examples of funny argumentative essay topics for students-

Why funny essay? What is the big idea about making one laugh? The truth is humor adds life and variety to an essay making it entertaining, and witty, in this world of economic crises, global crunch, health problems, etc humor is said to be one of the best remedy to the downtrodden mind, it is an ingredient that is missing in every day activity, if it can be added a little to the hard news on the television, radio, newspapers, etc it will go a long way in reducing diverse mental, and emotional related ailments like depression, sleeplessness, stress, blood pressure problems, etc.

Tips to write an effective funny essay

If you want your essay to be remembered, make it funny. Sure, you do not have to crack tons of jokes in admission personal essay. But funny personal essays are always way easier to read. Moreover, teachers and professors are eager to read something funny, as they have to review so much boring materials. By writing a funny personal essay you will arouse keen interest of admission board to your personality.

What to be careful of when writing a funny process essay?

Questions Funny Essays

Funny essay is an addition of wits in your essay, it doesn’t have to provoke rib cracking laughter like the one you have when you watch comedies like Frank Spencer, and Bean, neither does it have to induce a smile from Margaret Thatcher, but a slight twist of funny imagery, or description can do the trick, importantly if you are pessimistic, or the gloomy type that sees only black in any color please don’t attempt it, you can hire writers who write funny at a very reasonable price for you.