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Recently, there has been some question as to whether or not the god I'm examining in me essay about the Judeo-Christian God is the Bible's God, or a strawman that I just made up. It has been alleged that, since I don't consider the Bible's God to be perfect, I am not examining the Judeo-Christian God. Personally, I find this absurd, but it is a somewhat valid attack. However, I am examining the Biblical God. There is a difference between the Christian God and the Bible's God. The Christian God is believed to be all-loving and merciful, by the Catholic Church and many of the Protestant denominations. As I will show in this essay, this belief runs contrary to what the Bible says. Christian apologetics will often try and justify God's reprehensible actions in the Bible by claiming that he is perfect, and that anything he does is right, even when it contradicts other things that he says or does. I believe that this topic deserves its own essay, since I only dedicated a small portion of the more generalized God essay to this idea.

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