what is a good argumentative essay topic?

In writing your essay take advantage of all the positive points to support your argument and, by clever writing and reasoning, dismiss or denigrate the points which oppose your point of view. A good argument essay will be strong on supporting your stance on the issue. A better argument essay will have strong evidence in support of your case and equally strong evidence in knocking down the alternative view.

10 Topic Ideas For A Good Argumentative Essay

Canadian students have to deal with the same problem of choosing engaging argumentative essay topics as the rest of the world. Choosing these topics is difficult because it must encourage debate and grab the reader. It's not enough to choose a topic which everybody agrees on. The art of picking a good topic is so people disagree with it. Evoking passionate responses and inspiring further study in research is at the heart of what a good argumentative essay is.

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Good Argumentative Essay Topics