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I worked with Sandy for around 2 months on my HBS essays. He's definitely one of the hardest mentors I have ever encountered academically and professionally. I have learned to love his bluntness and no-BS-style critiques. Don't take any comments personally and always take it with a sense of humor. One of my favorite comments:

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How will you start the conversation with your section mates? What would you want them to know about you? As there are endless possibilities about what you potentially can write, the internet is flooded with suggestions from bloggers and various admission consultants. But in this section, instead of reading hundreds of boring do’s and don’ts, we will see a presentation that tells it all.

Standing in the Aldrich Hall in front a group of 90 classmates and introducing yourself makes me contemplate about a leader who also stood in front of the whole world and marketed his ideas with eloquence and passion. It was Steve Jobs who introduced his products in front of thousands of ardent Apple fans, media journalists and tech gadgets reviewers. He gave a commencement address at Stanford Business School in 2005 that became an iconic speech and one of the best examples to learn about the art of presenting an idea. I highly recommend that you spend the next 14 minutes to watch the full video and then read the next section. This is a classic presentation that can help you master the art. We will connect each idea about the HBS essay with Steve Job’s speech. Even if you have watched this video earlier, kindly watch it here again and then read the next section in order to connect the dots. If you can internalise all the learning about the subtle art of marketing yourself from this presentation, it will significantly boost your chances of getting accepted at HBS.

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For preparing below set of HBS MBA essay questions you may also refer some Harvard Sample Essay.

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