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When I teach the hermit crab essay class, we begin by brainstorming the many different forms that exist for us to plunder for our own purposes. Once we have such a list scribbled on the board, I ask the students to choose one form at random and see what kind of content that form suggests. This is the essential move: allowing form to dictate content. By doing so, we get out of our own way; we bypass what our intellectual minds have already determined as “our story” and instead become open and available to unexpected images, themes and memories. Also, following the dictates of form gives us creative nonfiction writers a chance to practice using our imaginations, filling in details, and playing with the content to see what kind of effects we can create.

Student Sample: Hermit Crab Essay ..

I have started my “hermit crab essay” and hopefully this link takes you right to it. This is an assignment from writing class. The assignment was to write a story in a bizarre, alien format. I’m writing about Beaver Hole, Warrington Twp, York, PA in the alien format of a forensic reports.

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hermit crab essay

If you attended the “” panel at Conversations and Connections today, here is my recommended reading list for hermit crab essays that (might) borrow their structure from research.