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This variability means that we must strive to follow the guidelines that are true no matter who we ask. In terms of humanities essays, you can probably list these as follows. Topics should be:

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Originally published in the spring 2014 edition of Oregon Humanities, Ponteri’s essay was one of five Oregon Humanities essays to make the list.

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Humanities essay writing needs a lot of reading. It deals with different subjects like literature, history, anthropology, visual arts etc.

Our society is based off of many different cultures that humanities have formed and the way we interact with one another is a part of that. We may rely on religion to guide us when it comes to treating one another with respect, and there is no end to the influence that it will continue to play in our lives. Humanities are the basis of what we are made of and it is also the basis of what we make for future generations. If you capture the essence of these concepts in your humanities essay, you are sure to receive top marks.