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It was during this period that the humorous essay moved from the literary quarterlies back to the newspapers and magazines. Oswald Barron, writing as “The Londoner” in the Evening News, produced a light essay—at once sensible, readable, and witty—every day for two decades. Robert Lynd accomplished a similar feat, writing weekly about everything from football to eggs as “Y. Y.” of the New Statesman until his death in 1949.

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As a matter of fact, humorous essays are synonyms to funny essay. The key goal here is to impress readers and make them laugh or at least smile. It should be noted that any essay type (except for scientific research) can be funny. Of course, personal essays as a rule contain jokes and funny description of different situations, facts and experience. Even admission essay can be funny. This will help you make admission committee appreciate your sense of humor, knowledge and the ability to express own thoughts.

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The essayist Northrop is noted for his systematic classification of literature, presented in his (1957). Stephen is well known for his humorous essays as well as for his scholarship. Other notable essayists include Sir Andrew Macphail, Archibald MacMechan, and Lorne Pierce.