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Berkeley's most influential essay is A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge. It was this that earned Berkeley the title of "subjective idealist,' imaterialist," "Spiritualist," and these are what helped to make his small book one of the more misunderstood essays in philosophy. What Berkeley set out to achieve was the removing of validity from materialism and to do this by refuting the latent or explicitly materialistic content both in Locke's Essay and in Descartes' and Hobbes' "geometric " theories" of man and society.

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Bill Pearson was a fiction writer, essayist and critic. His influential essay, ‘Fretful Sleepers: A Sketch of New Zealand Behaviour and Its Implications for the Artist’, appeared in Landfall in 1952 and outlined many themes Pearson explored in his first novel, Coal Flat. This book was received as the most important New Zealand novel of its time, yet Pearson published no more fiction, concentrating instead on literary criticism and scholarship. Pearson helped define the themes of New Zealand critical realism and as a university lecturer was among the first to teach a course in New Zealand literature.

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