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Creative nonfiction is a broad term and encompasses many different forms of writing. This resource focuses on the three basic forms of creative nonfiction: the personal essay, the memoir essay, and the literary journalism essay. A short section on the lyric essay is also discussed.

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High school students learn the basics of journalism. As a result, they get assignments to write journalism essays. This type of high school academic paper is rather difficult because it requires a student to have not only good writing skills but also knowledge of different research methods. In this article, you may read some tips that will help you compose a great journalism paper that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Video Journalism EssayHonors individuals, teams or news organizations for excellent, artful storytelling presented in video journalism format.
Entry specifications: Submit one essay of up to 15 minutes. If the original piece is longer than 15 minutes, submit one 15-minute segment for judging.