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What does your teacher mean by asking to write an essay on murder? What is he/she waiting for? Definitely, right now it is hard to guess your teacher’s expectations. The only thing we know for sure is that a murder essay is a too general task that requires narrowing down the scope.

We can help you with this. What you should do first is decide on the type of your murder essay. Think for a while what exactly you want to investigate about this issue. Do you want to write about some legal aspects in your essay on murder? Do you think it will be a bit boring and you want to write your murder essay in a more creative way?

Let us present you several examples of how to write essays on murder using different essay types.

Definition essays on murder

This type of essay can be done from a pure legal perspective. Define murder using official legal definitions, collect other details that will help you define the term. Mind that you can use different types of definitions like a historical, negative, or restrictive definition.

Argumentative or persuasive essays on murder

If you choose this option, transform your topic a little into something like “Abortion/euthanasia is a murder”. First, develop your position on the problem that you will introduce in the essay on murder. Then, collect evidences to support your claims.

Creative essays on murder

If you want to be creative, choose descriptive or narrative types of essays. In the descriptive essay on murder, you may describe, for instance, a murder scene and police investigation. For a narrative essay on murder, create a mystery story involving a cruel killer and his victims.

Reading our articles about and an will help you get inspired to start your work.

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