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The narrative essay is truly an enjoyable piece for the writer to work on. For the reader, the narrative essay is also entertaining as long as the writer does it properly. That is why the right narrative essay structure must be followed by the writer in order to properly combine his or her personal ideas, narration of a personal event, addition of dialogue, and handing out a lesson.

Basic Narrative Essay Structure Rules To Keep In Mind

The narrative essay structure makes it easy for the writer to organize his or her ideas in a fun and inspirational manner. The structure of the narrative essay should also allow the writer to interject his or lesson in the story. Some features of the narrative essay are included below:

Here are two main options for a narrative essay structure

narrative essay structure

So, you want to write a narrative essay for children? The best way to write an essay for kids is basically to compose a story. After all, narrative essay writing is a combination of story telling and essay writing. By writing the story in an essay format you can make it easier to understand and get your points across more clearly. This is why the narrative essay structure is actually a great way to speak to kids.