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# In The New York Times photo essay "Attack on Tyre," a photograph of a man who appears dead is accompanied with the caption reading "bodies were still buried under the rubble." However, in a later photograph in the same series, the same man appears to be walking in the foreground of a photo. The Times issued a correction for the first photograph, stating that the man was injured.

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When photographer and director Gillian Laub returned to Montgomery County, Ga., a small community which held segregated proms until 2009, she was expecting to document racial progress in a region that appeared to be frozen in time. (Laub’s New York Times photo essay shed light on the archaic, segregated proms and forced the community to change.) However, what she uncovered was a community still struggling with racial divisions as well as economic and legal inequalities. Laub documents her findings in the HBO movie, “Southern Rites.” Singer John Legend served as executive producer for the film.

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New york times photo essay “Just as the ’20s were a career trajectory upward, the ’30s were Oscar’s trajectory downward. Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times. Mr. New york times photo essays